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Oktober 18, 2012

Laminine’s Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF-2) in Diabetes

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A Testimonial from Steve in Los Gatos, California

“I have been a Diabetic for maybe 15 yrs. I have had Neuropathy, as a result in my feet for about 10yrs. My feet have been completely numb for most of that time. I have not been able to feel my feet. I have had no circulation, in my feet or my legs. At night my feet would be ice cold to the touch. My feet were a constant concern as people with Diabetes sometimes lose their leg or foot. Maybe both!! I have been waking up at 3 or 4 am, several times times a week with cramps in my leg or either foot. Also Diabetes affected my vision. My vision is blurred of course without glasses.
I started taking Laminine about 2 1/2 weeks ago. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! First thing I noticed was the feeling in my feet. I could feel the carpet under my feet. Strange feeling. I can feel my feet inside my shoes.

Another unusual feeling. I sometimes lose my balance because I’m not used to feeling my feet. I’m getting used to it though. My legs are not getting tired like they use too. I have not had any leg, or foot cramps since I started on Laminine.
A couple of days ago, I took my socks off to rub my feet, as a habit. They would normally be cold & have no circulation. To my surprise my feet were warmer than they have been in yrs. They were not cold!! Plus I can see better, & without glasses. Something I have to get used too.” — Steve

“This statement is for educational purposes only. Any testimonials contained herein are individual cases and has not yet been evaluated by the FDA.”


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